Fandom Wax Melts

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Fandom Wax Melts
A new theme every month! 5-6 scents as supplies last
you get roughly 4.25oz of wax seperated into 6 pieces.

Here at PFSC we thrive on giving ourselves new challenges and creative opportunities! We also know just how strongly people can feel towards pop culture, whether that is movies, music, TV, books, or countless other options. Some peoples' love runs as deep as the Mines of Moria, soars as high as a Mockingjay, is as thrilling as a game of Quidditch. This is your space. We see you, we love you, and most importantly we are one of you!

*Please decide what fragrance you want (they are listed bellow with the melts main properties,) then add it to your order comments which can be found at the bottom of the payment page at check out!*

March 2022- Harry Potter Happy Place!

The Burrow- Orange: Homemade Gingerbread
Dumbledore's Office - Gold/Silver Swirl: Lemon Drops
Haunted Horcrux - Midnight Swirl: The Dark Arts (Vanilla Forest)
Sorting Hat! :
* Gryffindor- Red: Cinnamon Candy
*Ravenclaw- Blue: Forbidden Reading (Cedar, Leather, Vanilla)
*Hufflepuff- Yellow: Summer Citrus
*Slytherin - Green: Home sweet Dungeon (Dragons Blood& Cuke Mint)

Warning: Be aware that this months melts are made with mica. This does mean they will have some coloration as alluded to in the definition but to have the full glittery affect you can swirl the melted wax around some with a toothpick.

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